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Other Services/Package Cargo Management

Project Cargo Management is an added service of Speciale Logistics Corp. that caters handling and moving special and oversized cargo from its origin to final destination.

Our Project Cargo Team takes expertise in managing whatever cargo you have, offering you wide range of expert solutions no matter what size, weight and form it is.

1. Rigging & Installations

We specialized on configuration and positioning machines, and rigging of oversized and overweight cargo in the Philippines.
As experts and masters of rigging and hauling, our challenges are in various mechanical loads, shifting equipment and associated gear of plant equipment and machines. We can assist you to move, place, and secure the machine or its part to ensure the stability of the structure. It also includes the setting up or dismantling of cranes and hoists, assuring that work was done with quality and perfection. Related to this services, our Project cargo team can support Heavy lift & Cargo Handling.

2. Vacuum Packing & Crating Services

We offer customized crating to meet the toughest shipping environment and assure damage free handling. For sensitive equipment and products, we create a water proof base cases that can protect your cargo from moisture and humidity during transport. Another type, the vacuum packing, uses a technology of a low noise, non-particle generating compressed air driven ejector (vacuum) pump, packed with barrier bag descants, tilt and shock customs crates.

3. Heavy lift & Cargo Handling

We focuses in this field to provide specialized handling and transport of super heavy loads and critical pieces of equipment, and to manage mobilization of these loads with the use of cranes, forklift, trailers and additional equipment.
This extends to transport, de-rigging and demobilization of equipment and materials used. Our company also assist our clients with every phase of heavy lift from door to job-site and vice versa that includes Rigging & Installations.

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