Personal Effects and Balikbayan Boxes

Personal Effects and Balikbayan Boxes

Whether by Air or Sea freight, your personal effects and Balikbayan boxes will be delivered from anywhere in the world to any point in the Philippines.

As part of our in intensive international freight services, combined with intermodal domestic transport solutions, we take extra expertise to these specialty services.

Our variety logistics solutions includes:

  • Shipment of items with customized sizes
  • Professional crating services
  • Single consignee container
  • Moving services

Whether you are an OFW who wants to send your hard-earned and precious packages to your love ones in the Philippines or a licensed consolidator or agent who handles and facilitates shipment of packages, Speciale Logistics Corp. is your perfect forwarding partner.

Our promiseā€¦ to send your packages from anywhere in the world to the heart of your home.

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